Ball Photography has been around for years. There are probably photos of your parents at their school & university formals in the family albums at home. The formal is one of those ‘occasions’ in your life when it’s important to be photographed, just like graduation, weddings, school and team photos. It is part of our social history.


The Deal

We are offering ‘free’ downloads from our website. We will upload all the ball photos to our website and you just have to ‘right click’ to download high resolution images that you will be able to print, email or upload to your Facebook page. We charge per person attending, to supply this service.

Our Current prices for 2018

100-175 guests $11.00 per head

175-250 guests $10.00 per head

250-400 guests $9.00 per head

400 plus guests $8.00

(A minimal travel charge will apply for out of Dunedin functions)



Why get a professional photographer?

1. We have professional studio lights and backgrounds. Studio lights are essential for shooting on a background.
2. We are experienced in handling large groups of people. We can keep the crowd moving and make sure they are not standing in queues all night.
3. Our website has proven to be able to handle the traffic from a large number of users. We have had multiple numbers of balls online and thousands of pictures being downloaded with no problem

How long will you stay?

It does depend on how many people you have. We have been photographing balls from over 25 years and experience tells us that there is a time to go! We shoot fast for two hours and can take over 600 images in that time. There is also a time when you all need to be on the dance floor having fun. We can also have a second photographer available to walk around your venue and take candid shots if you have over 200 guests.

Who supplies the backdrop?

We do. We have a collection of backgrounds that range from dark to light. We are adding new backdrops to our collection every year. Come and see some samples. You are also able to dress up the backdrops we supply with your own props etc to make it uniquely yours.

Where do we go from here?

You just need to fill out this Booking form and either send it in to us or pop into the studio with it in person. We will send you a confirmation letter. After that, all you need to do is make sure you budget $10.00 per person for photography. At the time of the ball you need to confirm final numbers and we will send an account for the photography the week following.



“Thank you so much for last night! You did a fantastic job with the photos, we look forward to seeing them.”
Charlotte, Kavanagh College Ball

“Kelk Photography has been fantastic to work with. Nicola understood my vision for the photos for our formal and was accommodating for this vision to become a reality. The night ran successfully with efficiency and professionalism from Kelk Photography. The downloading system from the website was an easy way for both students and family to view and download photos with ease. The photos reflected the memorable night. I would recommend Kelk Photography for an exceptional service with professional photos.”
Waitaki Combined Social Committee

” I would just like to say on behalf of Otago Girls’ High School, thank you so much for your work yesterday. It was perfect and you guys did a fantastic job with everything.”
Kendall, Otago Girls High School


(prices subject to change without notice)