Meet the Pettigrew sisters – Carrie, Bronwyn, Jennifer and Rosie

I have had the privilege of photographing all of these girls weddings.  It is a real honor to work with a family for this long. 2016-07-21_00102016-07-21_0002so … most recently we photographed Rosie (top left), and prior to that was Jennifer (top right),

lower left we have Bronwyn (married in Queenstown),  and then lower right we have Carrie (married one winters day in Hawea Flat !)



and the brave men   Carrie and Mark,  Rosie and Simon,  Jennifer and  Chris, and  Bronwyn and Tim

Congratulations Carrie and Mark on your 12th wedding anniversary


2016-07-21_0001The family extends with each wedding – but you can always spot Rosie’s gorgeous hair

2016-07-21_0008Four weddings in four different seasons.  Thanks girls it’s been fantastic.

Kerry Crosland  –  Kelk Photography

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Remember these two?
Well they got married earlier this year!
Danu and Craig were married at Larnach’s Castle in February.
It was a wonderfully personal ceremony down at the pond with their nearest and dearest surrounding them.

There were no details left out, they had a wine ceremony during the service, personalized gifts for their guests, special fine china that was borrowed from a relative and gorgeous flowers everywhere.

You may also recognize these two from one of my Iris award entries this year:

Danu and Craig had an idea early on that they wanted a photo in front of the castle at night with the castle all lit up.
I love opportunities like this! I also had a different shot in mind using an inside room of the Larnach’s Castle, so we tried both.
I pulled them out of their reception and only had a few minutes to get this. I described to Danu and Craig that I wanted a really traditional pose and wanted them to sort of look down their nose at me.
I was totally happy with the result and is one of my favorite wedding images to date.

Here are some more images from their wedding day.

Photos by Nicola Wilhelmsen

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The annual Epson/NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards is New Zealand’s only professional photography competition.

The aim of these print awards is to recognise and honour the best in contemporary photography from New Zealand and overseas professionals.

Photographers at Kelk Photography have been entering the awards on and off over the years.   Kerry entered for a while back in the ’90s and enjoyed

some success and the opportunity to do some judging.   More recently Nicola has taken up the baton and really done amazingly well.

Each year her entries receive silver and gold awards.  Golds are really hard to get !   To date Nicola achieved her Associateship (year 1),

Masters (year 2), Fellowship (year 3) and this year added two gold bars to her Fellowship.

Barry and Kerry now sit back like proud parents and enjoy the glow of Nics success !


An overview of Nicola’s entries for this year.  Note the old print judging case that used to be Kerry’s !  (It never carried that many awards in those days)

Scroll down to view the images individually ……

Portrait Creative

This image gives a nod to an old technique from the turn of the century (the one before last !)  where daylight studios meant you had to sit still for a very long time to create a portrait.  Not something toddlers are that great at, hence the ‘hidden mother’  style image.   Google  ‘hidden mothers Victorian photos’ to enjoy some other  examples.  This image gained silver in the portrait creative section .



Wedding Classic

Wedding Classic section and another silver.   A beautiful black and white capturing the anticipation on a brides face before she heads out to her wedding ceremony in the garden at the Dunedin Club.



Wedding Creative

This image was entered in the Wedding Creative section and scored 96/100 which gave it a gold merit with distinction.  Nic’s highest ever score.  These guys were married at Lanarch’s Castle earlier this year.  The art deco mat around the edge of the print is part of some old mounts we inherited from Campbell’s studio  (was once the Burton Bros.) .  Doesn’t pay to throw anything out, it will all be useful one day !!



Wedding Creative

This Wedding Creative entry has a bit of  an ‘Escher staircase’  thing going on.  Prints in any ‘creative’ catergory have had digital editing .   The staircase is at Knox College, and the bride and her bridesmaids made it off the stairs and enjoyed a fantastic reception in the dining hall.


Portrait Classic

This collection of images also gained a gold award.  Nic invited a collection of toddlers into the studio one Sunday afternoon when we were closed (phew), and created a group of images that went together amazingly well.  The judges enjoyed the way the viewer  just keeps looking around the image as one picture takes you on to the next.



And here is Nicola (on the far right),  with other recipients of gold bars to their fellowship.


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On the way home from Central one weekend Kerry did a bit of a detour and got to spend time with the Wright family on their farm near Dunback.

What a stunning location to work in and some gorgeous people to photograph.



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We have had lots of lovely families booking in for portraits over the past few weeks – getting in before the colder winter months.
Meet the McGrath family. We had a gorgeous warm Saturday morning (remember them ?) at the botanic gardens before the family went off to their musical commitments.
Ayla and Ozan are such a cute brother and sister duo, we got heaps of photos of them interacting together.

Goeknil and Tom have chosen some lovely images of their family that capture a special moment in time.

It was a total pleasure to photograph your family!

Photos by Nicola Wilhelmsen

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