Simon and Rosie …….

what a wonderful day –  full of anticipation, joy and celebration.

photography by Kerry Crosland and Belinda Maitland 


2016-05-12_0005 - Copy2016-05-12_0006 - Copy2016-05-12_0007 - Copy2016-05-12_0008 - Copy2016-05-12_0009 - Copy2016-05-12_0010 - Copy2016-05-12_0011 - Copy

Ari and Liam, two of Rosies nephews, were the perfect batboy ring bearers

2016-05-12_0012 - Copy2016-05-12_0014 - Copy2016-05-12_0015 - CopyRosie is the 4th bride I have photographed from her family.  It has been an honour to photograph these four gorgeous sisters weddings.

I think there may be another whole blog to come on that !

2016-05-12_0016 - Copy2016-05-12_0017 - Copy2016-05-12_0018 - CopyA tea ceremony at the Chinese Gardens followed after the First Church service

2016-05-12_0020 - CopyThe superhero theme was not only for the young !

2016-05-12_0021 - Copy

Since we were in the area it seemed a good idea to work around the Vogel St precinct .

2016-05-12_0022 - Copy

we’re not normally fans of the jump shot – but hey, when you can get yourself this far off the ground

and still smile – it deserves to be on the blog

2016-05-12_0023 - Copy
and the bride had skipped lunch, and left the Subway staff speechless.

2016-05-12_0024 - Copy
2016-05-12_0026 - Copy2016-05-12_0027 - Copy2016-05-12_0028 - Copy2016-05-12_0029 - Copy2016-05-12_0030 - CopyThe light on Three Mile Hill was amazing. Dunedin you are a fantastic place to work.

2016-05-12_0032 - Copy

2016-05-12_0031 - Copy
2016-05-12_0033 - Copy…. as the sun was setting in the Octagon – the light continued to glow

2016-05-12_0034 - Copy2016-05-12_0035 - Copy2016-05-12_0036 - Copy

Toitu – what a stunning reception venue.

Thanks Simon and Rosie for letting us be part of your very special day.

Kerry and Belinda


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George and Frances married at St Andrews Anglican Church in Maheno, which is a gorgeous little church near Oamaru.
It was a lovely musical ceremony with wonderful cellist Heleen du Plessis and also organist Tim Parsons.
It was so nice to hear the church full of wonderful singing voices during the Hymn’s.

After some photos around the church grounds under the dappled shade of the trees we had a quick stop at the beach.
We then moved on to Fleur’s Place in Moeraki for the reception in the warm afternoon sun.

Thank you George and Frances for having me photograph your wedding, you are such a calm relaxed couple and it was
a total pleasure to create these images for you.

Photos by Nicola Wilhelmsen

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Its that time of year again when I celebrate my own birthday and also my Kelk Photography birthday!

Today I turn ten!

Woah! can’t believe I have worked here that long, its really doesn’t feel like ten years at all, which just shows how much I enjoy it.
Big thank you to Kerry, Barry and Belinda for making this a really awesome workplace, you make make me laugh every day!
Also thank you for the huge gorgeous bunch of flowers on my desk today!
(actually they were too big for my desk so they are in front of the lovely fireplace in the office)

I though to celebrate I would make a cake (of course) and do a blog post.
So here are ten images of mine taken within the last year or so.
Just ten little moments, including a teary toddler at the end (mine of course!)

Nicola Wilhelmsen

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Remember this gorgeous couple?

Well, they got married in February and it was fabulous!

The ceremony was at St Joseph’s Cathedral and the reception at the Wingatui Racecourse.
There were beautiful coloured  bridesmaids dresses,  personalized cuff links for the boys and a beautiful bride all in lace!
Sarah and Rory had worked so hard to make their wedding day special and it really was.

The advantage of having a second shooter is shown in the above images, each photographer sees something different.
I just love Belinda’s image on the left!

I just love this location, it’s the forestry on Three Mile Hill, beautiful even when the weather wasn’t playing the game!

Unfortunately the rain got so heavy we had to make the decision to run back to the cars.
We knew as soon as we got there that it would stop and sure enough after a couple of minutes it did!

The kindness of strangers! This lovely lady who had walked past us previously came back with an umbrella from her car thinking ‘oh those girls will be getting soaked?’ Thank you!!

Sarah is very much a ‘details’ kind of girl and there was an abundance of evidence at the reception.
She made everything! Even the cake. It was all just so beautiful!

And another Kelk photography wedding photo – Kelks photographed the brides parents wedding a wee while ago !

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Graduation photos are a time where even the most reluctant subject recognises it’s an event in your life that needs recorded.

At Kelk Photography we have been photographing the graduates of Otago University for over 30 years.  We have a studio that offers the traditional portrait style, plus a photographer who works outside in the university area photographing on location.  Even though there are lots of construction works happening on campus at the moment, there are still lots of places to work.

Bookings are filling fast for May, so please give us a call.

Lucy and Kamil graduated December last year.

Photos by Kerry at Kelk Photography

To find out more about our graduation packages click here

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