Kelk Photography has been in business for over 30 years.
Kerry and Barry Kelk are the school photographers. They have both been teachers, and understand and enjoy working with children.They are fast and efficient, and produce an excellent result.

Kelk Photography is a local business.
We really appreciate that it’s not always easy to buy local, but there are plenty of advantages if you do. Kelk Photography is located in the CBD and easy for parents to access for reorders, retouching etc or any other problems that can clog up your busy office staff. We are a local Dunedin firm. Over the past few years we have had very few mistakes in our order processing. Any order forms we can’t understand, we contact the parents directly and sort it out. Our aim is to make this easy and stress free for your staff.

Kelk Photography is there to work for you.
We don’t want you to have to fit our system. We would much prefer to provide a product that you want. Because we edit, typeset and process all our own work, we are able to tweak the system to suit your needs. So if you require IDs for your computer system, want to use the photography as a fundraiser, or have any ideas on alternate styles of school photography, then please call us and we can discuss how best we can help you.



” Once again your photography is a real hit with all of us. So many positive comments, so thank you from all of us”
‘Warrington School’

“I was just emailing you to tell you how much we loved the children’s photos. They are beautiful and I know my children’s grandparents will also love them.”
‘Pine Hill Childrens Centre’

“Parents love the photos! Thank you so much we really enjoy your fast and efficient photography and the way you respect our students”
‘Andersons Bay School’